Westpac Place

In the heart of Sydney over 40,000 artefacts were uncovered that provide a brief glimpse of daily life when it was once a working class area of small houses and shops.  


Christian Dior


153 King Street, Sydney (Dior Sydney Flagship store)

Project Financials

$12.5 M

Curio service

Heritage Interpretation Plan 

Interpretation Concepts + Design 

Integration within landscape and/or built design 

In-house Design

Production and Installation

Curio service

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Heritage Assessment

Historical Research

Ongoing Heritage Advice (Pre-DA and Post DA)

Monitoring Works Report  


Project Summary

With such a large number of objects and limited space, our challenge was to interpret objects not on display that would pique the interest of passersby to the thousands of objects uncovered below their very feet. 

History panels of Dior and 153 King street

Curio's Approach

Curio worked collaboratively with Broached Commissions to develop innovative, integrated interpretation. Curio researched and installed objects on display in this beautiful outdoor exhibition, as well as provided interpretation in the form of etched pavers showcasing shapes of other items of daily life recovered during the excavation along with their artefact number. The various shapes provide a cross section of objects excavated that would have been used by locals in their daily lives including smoking pipes, cutlery, bottles and pots and pans. Curio also crafted information panels which tell the story of the site, its people and the objects on display.

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Mock up of history of Dior and Kent street.jpg

Legacy We Leave Behind

Curio has helped expose layers of Sydney’s historic past by bringing objects and stories to life through integrated interpretation that generates awareness of this important large-scale archaeological site in the heart of Sydney.