Theodora Gianniotis


As an Environmental Lawyer with a focus on Cultural Heritage, my career has focused on the inclusivity and respect of people’s stories. The recognition of these stories, as a Cultural Heritage specialist, is fundamentally interconnected by the understanding of Human Rights. With this backdrop, I have practised law and cultural heritage with a priority to safeguard the rights of persons and groups in connection to places of significance in our built and natural environment.

Practising within the Cultural Heritage sector as a lawyer has allowed me to uphold the principles of intergenerational equity advocating for the province not just for tangible heritage but also the repatriation of the intangible heritage through stories to places of significance. Every place for me has an opportunity to tell a story, making cultural heritage less about the past and more about a means to navigate an understanding of a collective future.

Curio allows me to work within a multi-discipline team uncovering the voices absent from our current understanding of history and protecting the sanctity of human rights through cultural heritage.