Sydney Opera House

Discovering and managing the archaeological potential that lies beneath the world-famous Opera House.


Sydney Opera House


Bennelong Point, Sydney

Curio Service

Archaeological Management Plan


Project Summary

From the onset, Curio’s goal was to deliver a world-class Archaeological Management Plan that was not only extremely practical from a management perspective but also beautifully designed to pay homage to the iconic status of the Opera House .


Curio's Approach

Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and opened in 1973, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Sydney Opera House is a National and International Icon. While much of its significance lies in its design, the Opera House occupies a landscape utilized by First Nations people for thousands of years and Europeans since 1788. Archaeological evidence of these activities continues to survive below the building and its associated forecourts and footpaths. To ensure these remains are appropriately protected, Curio Projects has provided the expertise required to prepare an Archaeological Management Plan that considered the site’s deep and multifaceted history and its ability to be shared with the public through engaging interpretation.


Legacy We Leave Behind

Curio Projects successfully delivered a beautifully designed guiding document that provided concise and coherent advice to assist in the management, protection and preservation of archaeological resources within and around the Sydney Opera House. Designed for contactors, project managers and consultants alike, it will guide and simplify any future work proposed at the site.