South Eveleigh (Precinct Redevelopment)

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South Eveleigh, Sydney

Project Financials

$1B+ Redevelopment

Curio Service


Project Summary

Curio is so excited to have been trusted on the delivery of all heritage aspects’ Australia’s largest ever commercial precinct redevelopment from initial feasibility through to archaeology, site works and final exhibitions.

Curio's Approach

Curio have been responsible for the delivery of all heritage aspects associated with the creation of the new South Eveleigh Precinct, home to the Commonwealth Bank’s new headquarters and exciting new social destinations such as Lucky Kwong, I am RE and The Grounds latest adventure.


Curio have loved working closely with the design teams to bring to life the Iconic Industrial Locomotive Workshops and its exciting new precinct.  We’ve delivered on the heritage requirements for more than 40 development approvals in and around the State-listed site, to enable  its revitalisation for current and future generations to experience, enjoy and explore!


We can’t wait to see you there for a heritage tour, a drink or two, a delicious meal and a relax in the Aboriginal Gardens.


Legacy We Leave Behind

South Eveleigh brings Curio’s dream of creating heritage places that are thoughtful, authentic and exciting together in one amazing precinct that workers, locals, friends, family and tourists alike can visit time and time again.  We are so grateful for being given the opportunity to showcase how heritage places can enhance communities.

Hear what our clients say

“Natalie Vinton’s depth of experience on both sides of the process, Government and Client/consultant side, enables Curio in providing clear advice and guidance in the evaluation and preparation of Heritage related development applications, a mandatory requirement in dealing with SSDA applications. That aside, the appreciation of building History, Fabric and the ‘Stories’ that are intrinsic to Heritage buildings, is an inherent part of the way in which Curio operate as a consultant firm.”

Stephen Simpson

Senior Project Design Manager, South Eveleigh