Rebecca Agius


To me, archaeology is an amazing field that is diverse, using a multidisciplinary approach to help us tell the stories of our past. I love its practical applications, both in the field, as well as its research-based work. There is never a dull moment, as there is always something to uncover or understand in a more deep and meaningful way – it’s a lot like being a detective, and I think that that’s really exciting.

Within the realm of archaeology, I believe that cultural heritage is one of great importance. My recent work on an ancient Roman town in the middle of Italy’s countryside has enhanced my understanding and love for the stories of the past that archaeology can help build. The excitement of excavation and the detailed work of analysing material culture from the site has taught me the wonders of the past, as well as how important it is to preserve and respect cultural heritage and the plethora of information it can provide.