Natalie Vinton

Over the last 25 years, Natalie has worked on a large variety of local, State and Nationally significant heritage projects in various capacities from heritage management roles at State and Local Government through to her current role as Founder and CEO of Curio Projects. 

Natalie is excellently placed to ensure the delivery of accurate, pragmatic  heritage advice that is fully commensurate with all statutory heritage requirements. Natalie is a serving member of the NSW State Heritage Register Committee and sits on the NSW Government Architect’s State Design Review Panel. She has served as a member of the NSW History Council and Archaeology Advisory Panel for the NSW Heritage Council. Natalie is currently contracted to work on numerous confidential projects and panels for NSW Create, Infrastructure NSW, NSW Heritage, Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW. 

Natalie is passionate about helping clients de-risk heritage processes so that managing heritage assets and precincts becomes a positive, value-add experience for all involved.