Curious Adventures

One of my passions is travelling the world at any opportunity that I can find, short or lengthy trips, wherever my heart takes me. Forever a history and archaeology nerd at heart, I seem to make it my personal mission during my travels to visit every history museum and archaeological site that she can find in the vicinity of my path.

The very first google search I do upon arrival in a new city is the fastest way to transport myself from my hostel to the museums. I seek out the historical sites from the large, famous national treasures like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum in London, or the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, through to lesser visited, or more specialised local museums like the Museo del Queso Manchego (Museum of Manchego Cheese) in Toledo, Spain, or the recently opened Museum of Free Derry, Northern Ireland.

​Museums and local cultural sites never cease to amaze me in their variety, their creativity, and their innovation in telling their stories, from the epics of human migration to a continent, to the proud local history of a small village.  Here is a small snapshot of some of my favourite museums and exhibition that I have visited over the past four years, complete with a little Sam-themed commentary for each one when you click on them.


Senior Archaeologist & Heritage Specialist