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Curio Projects Pty Ltd was commissioned by Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands to prepare a Conservation Management Strategy for The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah.

The purpose of the CMS is to provide a strategic framework for addressing and acknowledging the cultural heritage values of the BMBG, and to assist with future planning and site management. This report was designed to assist the BMBG to navigate the careful balance between increasing park visitation and future site uses, whilst identifying, preserving and enhancing the heritage values of the site.

This CMS investigates and identifies heritage values associated with the BMBG, and includes:

. a detailed history of the site;

. a detailed overview of the Aboriginal, historical archaeological and cultural landscape context;

. a preliminary assessment of Aboriginal and historical archaeological potential;

. a preliminary assessment of the site’s cultural heritage values;

. preliminary policies to guide the management of known and potential cultural heritage values associated with the BMBG; and

. recommendations for future actions.


Curio has also prepared Heritage Impact Statements to support works programs on site over the last several years.


. Heritage Impact Statements, including archaeological impact assessments

. Conservation Management Strategy


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