Mikhaila Chaplin

From a young age, unravelling the past and learning about the people who came before us has fascinated me. Over the past few years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work on sites in Tasmania, Parramatta, Sydney and various sites across Europe and the UK.

My most recent trip was with the University of Sydney on an ancient theatre in Paphos, Cyprus, which was used for performance and entertainment for six and a half centuries. Locally, I’ve worked at the Eveleigh Railway Workshops where my great-grandfather forged as a metal worker/moulder throughout World War II until his retirement at age 73. 

There is a special power in heritage and archaeology as we uncover remnants of our history and how we came to be here.  I am passionate about bringing these lost tales to light in a meaningful way that will enrich and engage our community.

To me it is a privilege to work in this area and with the wonderful team at Curio, and have the opportunity to share these stories with the world.