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Dr. Matthew Kelly


I have been working as an archaeologist for 30 years now and the challenges that made the job interesting when I started are still part of my working life. Archaeology is about solving questions we have about the past so that our lives today are richer because of that knowledge. That rather simple proposition is what drew me to archaeology so long ago and still drives me in the work I do today. It's a job that requires you to quickly learn about a variety of subjects as diverse as; the steps required to establish a coconut plantation in PNG, through how does a Hoffman brick kiln work to how do you make lime mortar from Sydney's oyster shells.  

My recent work in PNG has reminded me that each project has at its heart the needs of people be they individuals or communities. Our work, when managing heritage for clients, should always have that concept as the focus for the project outcome. As heritage managers, we should always emphasise the individuals or communities that will live with and use the results of our work and input to the project. 

At Curio, I am part of a committed and uniquely talented team that does focus on people and their lives as the primary reason we work in this industry, whether those people be part of our history, the client or a community member.