Katherine Day


My passion to pursue a career in Archaeology and Heritage started at a young age when I went to Rome and Pompeii and saw archaeologists excavating the remnants of the past city. What was revealed below the surface of the natural and built environment was a rich legacy of a different culture, all seen through the material record.


I am very interested in the complexity and uniqueness of different cultures, especially as seen through the archaeological record and heritage, and the conservation and preservation of such. The depth of information that is revealed and can be interpreted is dynamic and living, intricately linked to the human experience. Carefully thought out, best practice precedents allow us to maintain strong connections with the past that enrich our future. With proper consideration of theoretical approaches to archaeology and developing sound, pragmatic methodology, Curio delivers pragmatic, creative heritage, interpretative and archaeological solutions to protect cultural heritage landscapes.


Our team creates customer-focused solutions that seek to minimise heritage risk with realistic mitigation options that are able to be fully integrated within the proposed development's design intent.