James Squire


Curio Projects Pty Ltd was commissioned by Lilac Pty Ltd C/O Willow Frank to undertake archaeological test excavations, prepare a post-Excavation report and an Archaeological Impact Statement for the Former James Squire Site at Putney to support a Development Application to Ryde City Council for the redevelopment of the site.


The subject site was rezoned in 2014 to allow for mixed residential and commercial redevelopment and an upgrade of the existing marina. As part of the redevelopment process, Lilac Pty Ltd intends to adaptively reuse the boat building warehouse for continued boat storage with the addition of commercial enterprises and residential apartments.

James Squire was one of Sydney’s earliest brewers and was known for being the first brewer to successfully cultivate hops for commercial brewing purposes in an Australian context. The site served as Squire’s working and residential premises for a period of almost thirty years until his death in 1822.


. Historical Archaeological Assessment

. S140 Historical Archaeological Test Excavation Permit

. Historical Archaeological Test Excavation

. Post-Excavation Report

. Archaeological Impact Assessment


Willow Frank


Ryde City


Ryde City Council/NSW Heritage Council


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