Curio were commissioned to provide guests of Sydney’s Dior Flagship Store with dual heritage interpretation that pays homage to the building’s historic past, while also honouring the House of Dior’s legendary style and history in Australia.   


Christian Dior


153 King Street, Sydney (Dior Sydney Flagship store)

Project Financials

$12.5 M

Curio service

Heritage Interpretation Plan 

Interpretation Concepts + Design 

Integration within landscape and/or built design 

In-house Design

Production and Installation

Curio service

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Historical Research

Ongoing Heritage Advice (Pre-DA and Post DA)

Monitoring Works Report  

History panels of Dior and 153 King street.jpg

Project Summary

Our goal was to provide captivating and visually engaging heritage interpretation that connects the site with both the local and global context of Christian Dior. The interpretation needed to reflect Dior’s interior design palette of elegance and timelessness, as well as offer guests the opportunity to further explore the stories that make this place so special through an extensive digital component.  

History panels of Dior and 153 King street

Curio's Approach

To coincide with Dior’s luxurious new fitout, our interpretation team worked closely with Dior and architect Arktek to develop two layered interpretive pieces which offer visitors a touch of the past.  

To showcase Dior’s connection to Australia we printed on Australian jersey wool, which Christian Dior used for 3 dresses at his 1954 fashion show in Sydney, while pub tiles were chosen to tell the story of the site’s 130-year history and tradition as a hotel and pub.   

A QR code-activated digital layer was also produced to allow guests to delve further into all the stories that make this place so special.  

Dior QR codes.png
Mock up of history of Dior and Kent street.jpg

Legacy We Leave Behind

The interpretative pieces work seamlessly within the design of new flagship DIOR store to create an immersive and luxurious historical narrative of the site and iconic fashion house.