Dennis Diaz


My fascination with heritage and urban design might have started while I was 8 years old. Drawing maps, tinkering with Lego, and imagining being in old cities has preoccupied most of my childhood. It’s no surprise that I find working at Curio Projects as a built heritage consultant/urban designer undeniably engaging.


Street activation underpinned by heritage brings in a slew of challenges. As the heritage and the urban public realm entwine with each other, aligning the even greater number of stakeholders can be complex. As of writing, I am with an equally passionate team working on the Oxford Street Activation Precinct. Plainly said, we try to draw out stories from the precinct’s past, relate them to its urban and social fabric, and think of ways to communicate those connections to the present context. It’s simple yet complex.  


However, on steady days, when the breeze is cool and crisp, I really try to keep things simple. I try as much to reconnect with nature and do some meditation in motion. I like spending these kinds of days just rock climbing or practicing Aikido. These are my curiosities.