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Louis Vuitton

$11 million dollar redevelopment of Louis Vuitton Maison.

365 George Street represents an historical asset of fundamental importance when understanding the history of architecture and banking activities in the commercial centre of the city of Sydney. Its intrinsic history is marked by a constant adaptation to the architectural tendencies of each time, in which the current tenant (Louis Vuitton) has successfully continued with such traditions.

The new fitout, approved by the City of Sydney, has been designed to improve the relationship between the interiors and the exteriors of the building, so that views into the store are improved, original features are revealed once again, whilst improving store circulation and creating the opportunity for exciting heritage interpretation that will not only celebrate the iconic history of the Louis Vuitton brand but importantly, the significant history of the site, including its banking history.



. Heritage Advisory Services

. Heritage Impact Statement

. Interpretation Planning



365 George Street, Sydney


City of Sydney