Adele Zubrzycka
Senior Archaeologist and
Cultural Heritage Specialist

Adele is a Senior Archaeologist and Cultural Heritage Specialist at Curio Projects with over eight years’ experience working in New South Wales and the United States.  

She has been involved in a range of large and small-scale commercial, residential, infrastructure and public green space projects and has extensive experience preparing archaeological research designs, excavation methodologies, archaeological assessments, constraints and opportunities analyses, heritage impact statements, heritage interpretation plans and excavation reports in accordance with relevant NSW and federal cultural heritage legislation. Additionally, she has supervised and directed archaeological salvage excavations, test excavations and monitoring programs across Sydney and regional NSW.  


Adele is currently Secretary for the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA) and a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. She is passionate about integrating heritage, architecture, design, sustainability, and the natural environment to produce positive and meaningful outcomes for the client, community and future generations.