Mikhaila Chaplin
Archaeologist & Heritage Specialist

As a passionate archaeologist, Mikhaila has been involved in a diverse range of field work with experience in Australia and overseas. She has gained experience in Australian historical archaeology through her working on various projects across Sydney and Parramatta and has gained a broader range of field skills by attending European digs in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Cyprus. 

Since working with Curio, Mikhaila has been involved with the preparation of heritage reports including Heritage Impact Statements, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments, Aboriginal Due Diligences, Heritage Studies, Archaeological Assessments and providing advice, historical research, and analysis. Mikhaila is an experienced field archaeologist who has worked on archaeological salvage and test excavations and monitoring programs for commercial and infrastructure projects in NSW and Tasmania.  

Mikhaila has been responsible for Aboriginal community consultation and liaison for projects, in the context of relevant legislation, and has gained Aboriginal archaeological experience. Mikhaila was also involved in the conservation management work relating to the moveable heritage collection connected to the Australian Technology Park project.  

Mikhaila is motivated to spread enthusiasm and curiosity of the past by connecting people, places and stories.