Curio Projects is committed to working with clients and projects to create new places and spaces that seamlessly incorporate and celebrate the heritage values that site users and communities hold close.


Natalie Vinton, Curio Project’s director and founder, has made it her mission to not only provide the services necessary to navigate the statutory requirements of the heritage industry but also to deliver a holistic approach to heritage management through innovative interpretation, storytelling and placemaking. With this approach, Curio Projects deals with projects ranging from the redevelopment of iconic historic precincts to the reinterpretation of forgotten heritage assets.


Natalie is just as committed to her team, hand picking projects and opportunities to utilise and further develop their skills and foster individual interests within a supportive group environment.

If you feel you would be the perfect fit for the Curio team, please contact us!

Available opportunities 

Senior Aboriginal Archaeologist

Application close 29 January 2021

Architectural & Built Heritage Specialist

Application close 22 January 2021

Please submit your CV and cover letter outlining how you address the Selection Criteria for the role direct to Curio