Brickendon Estate

The grand family owned farming estate with unique history of the farming, convict system and the early settlers in Tasmania.


Richard and Louise Archer

Curio Service

Interpretation and Design


Brickendon Estate, Longford, Tasmania

Curio Service

Onsite Visitors Experiences

Brickendon. Photo by Curio Projects

Project Summary

Curio Projects are working closely with the Archer family on interpretive elements at Brickendon Estate to highlight the World Heritage significance of the site and values associated with farming traditions.

Brickendon. Photo by Curio Projects

Curio's Approach

This interpretive scheme includes elements that speak to the history of the Archer family and place them and the Brickendon estate in the wider context of convict transportation, the evolution of farming, and the related World Heritage Sites. 

Historic farming implements have been demystified, branches of the Archer family tree drawn out, and beautiful new maps have been developed to provide orientation, information, and interpretation. This project also tells the stories of individual convicts who worked on the farm – their backgrounds, their work, and their lives after assignment at Brickendon ended. 

Together, Curio Projects and the Archer family have developed a contemporary and insightful suite of signage, soundscapes and interactive features, printed visitor guides, and website content, which bring the history of the significant place to life. 

Brickendon. Photo by Curio Projects

Legacy We Leave Behind

The new interpretive elements are contemporary, with beautiful design that is sympathetic to the farming landscape. They have created a new cohesive visitor experience that allows visitors to understand the history of the site through a range of multi-sensory experiences, that encourage a sense of discovery and wonder.