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Anzac Memorial

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Curio Projects were appointed to undertake the archaeological services for the $40 million enhancement of the Anzac Memorial in Sydney's Hyde Park, which is being undertaken by BUILT on behalf of the Trustees of the Anzac Memorial Building, the NSW Government and Infrastructure NSW.

Known as the Centenary Project, works at the Memorial were initiated as part of the 100th anniversary of the First World War and will fulfil two main objectives – completing the original architect's vision, as well as adding new underground education and interpretation facilities.

The design by the original architect, Bruce Dellit, included a water cascade reaching south through the park to Liverpool Street. Work did not proceed on this component of the original design due to the financial constraints of The Great Depression. The Centenary of Anzac presents the perfect opportunity to complete this vision.

New education, interpretation and civic spaces are being added underground, enabling educational programs, permanent and temporary exhibitions, a major contemporary art commission and more space for the Memorial's collection.


. Archaeological Research Design + Excavation Methodology - Historical

. Archaeological Monitoring during excavation works & Final Post-Excavation Report


NSW Premier’s Department + Built


Hyde Park, Sydney


City of Sydney