Andre Fleury


The past has always been my passion and obsession, shaping my understanding of the world by understanding how surprisingly connected are the multiple invisible layers that surround the human experience.


After working in different scenarios – from the Amazon rainforest to radiocarbon laboratories - Curio has provided me a unique experience along the archaeological industry. By developing heritage solutions that are intrinsically related both to the rapid contemporary demands of change and adaptive reuse as well as the slow detective process of a meaningful historic research, Curio truly understands that there is no history which could be constituted independently of the experiences and expectations of active human agents.

It is a hard task to select a favourite job, however it is undeniable that the experience of unfolding the Eveleigh Railway Workshop’s past has been so far a delightful process. By being a foreigner, I believe that it is an emotional and rational journey to discover the impactful social dimensions and majesty of this industrial enterprise, at the same time that it is a challenge and honour to help selecting some of its echoes of the past.